Saturday, December 3, 2011

Quaere at Glance

Quaere is a technologically-driven, employ-supportive, client-centred, result-oriented software services company. As ‘new age’ workers, we are passionate about our work. We put technology at the centre of our business. Our core job is to help our clients reduce their overheads and improve their efficiency. We put digital thinking to work by understanding what drives your business and plan to make your budgets work their hardest.

In short – “We create software solutions that make a difference without digging a hole in your pocket”.

Mission Statement

Enabling success through technology, Quaere delivers great value to its clients, suppliers, shareholders and every member of theTeam Quaere. With every passing year technology is touching new heights leading to innovation, ingeniousness and thus resulted in newer products and services. Quaere leads and will continue to lead and shape the markets in which Quaere chooses to compete.

Quaere’s Vision

Quaere has a vision and that vision is very simple. “To be the absolute best the industry has ever seen and be admired for its people, products and performances.


The Team at Quaere

The Quaere team consists of extensively experienced software professionals and marketing and technology specialists. Every team member at the floor is an expert possessing absolute industry knowledge and brings a comprehensive set of innovative ideas to the day to day operations of the organization. The matchless combination of the Quaere team adds value by promoting diverse perspectives and approaches in order to make the right decisions and to actively support the growing portfolio of Quaere through its growth phase. We take great pride in the integrity and quality of our team. Serving any project is an exciting activity for our team and we take it as seriously as we do our culture of creativity and inventiveness.

Customer Satisfaction Theory

Our theory of customer satisfaction is based on the golden phrase of client service
“A satisfied customer is forever client”.

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